3 Service Tips for High Mileage Trucks

3 Service Tips for High Mileage Trucks | Greencastle, PA

Do you have a lot of miles on your Chevy? Here are some service tips for high mileage trucks so you can enjoy your vehicle for as long as possible before upgrading to a newer model.

1. Stay up to date on oil changes

Change the oil and filter at the intervals that the owner’s manual recommends. This maintenance task is usually performed every 3,000-5,000 miles, depending on your truck’s make and model.

2. Tend to the tires

Take care of your truck’s tires to help keep it in great shape. For starters, make sure each tire is at the proper inflation level. You’ll also want to rotate and balance the tires every other oil change. Lastly, make a habit of checking the tires for leaks, cracks, uneven wear, and low tread.

3. Replace the timing belt and spark plugs

The timing belt and spark plugs are two important parts that are crucial to your truck’s longevity. Make sure to replace them at the recommended intervals. A good rule of thumb is to replace the timing belt after 60,000 miles of travel and the spark plugs after 30,000 miles.

Contact the Service Department at Blaise Alexander Chevrolet in Greencastle for any questions you have about keeping your high-mileage truck in tip-top shape.

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