New OnStar® Insurance and Perks Coming to Chevy Vehicles

In early 2021, the General Motors in-vehicle safety and security brand OnStar® will introduce OnStar® Insurance Services for drivers of Chevy and other GM vehicles.

OnStar® Insurance Services is only available to General Motors customers, meaning OnStar® can focus on providing personalized care and services based on you, your family, and your Chevy vehicle or vehicles. It also removes some of the legwork you do when buying a new vehicle, letting you shop for both your car and insurance all in one place.

OnStar® Insurance For Chevy Vehicles | Greencastle, PA

GM has stated that their new OnStar® Insurance Services will not base the availability and cost of insurance on factors outside of the driver’s control, like their age and gender. OnStar® Insurance Services will instead be based entirely on driving habits.

Collecting data about your driving habits will not only let OnStar® provide the best rates to you based on your driving safety, but will also build the intelligence of OnStar® Smart Driver. This feature will give advice on how to improve your driving habits, which can then lead to insurance cost rewards.

OnStar® Insurance Services also benefits Chevy drivers because it works with your Chevy vehicle’s OnStar® Safety and Security system, contacting emergency services for you via an OnStar® Emergency-certified Advisor. For more information on Chevy’s new OnStar® Insurance Services, visit us at Blaise Alexander Chevrolet in Greencastle, Pennsylvania, today.

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