3 Convenient Accessories for Your Chevrolet Silverado

Get the most out of your Chevy Silverado here in Greencastle when you equip it with official Chevrolet accessories from Blaise Alexander Chevrolet. Aftermarket upgrades and features allow you to customize your pickup truck so it provides the most value in your everyday tasks. Here are three accessories for your Chevrolet Silverado that we recommend purchasing.

Chevrolet Silverado | Greencastle, PA

Tailgate gap cover

Does that crevice between the truck bed and tailgate on your Silverado truck irritate you? Hate getting gravel, wood chips, or debris lodged in that gap and not being able to fish it out? Attach a tailgate gap cover on your Silverado truck. You can order one specifically designed to fit your model’s specifications.

GearOn™ tiered storage cross rails

The bed dimensions on Chevy Silverado trucks are huge, allowing you to fit all kinds of furniture, machinery, and landscaping materials. Make the bed space even more useful by equipping it with a pair of crossbeams. These adjustable bars adhere to the sides of the cargo bed, allowing you to stack items at different heights, like plywood boards, lumper, and pipes.

Sport bar

Do you go off-roading in your Silverado truck near Greencastle? Then you should equip it with an official sport bar with Silverado branding. These durable beams give your truck a rugged appearance and are compatible with official Chevy lighting kits.

If you want to buy or install any accessories for your Chevy Silverado, we invite you to contact Blaise Alexander Chevrolet and speak with our parts center team. They can order and install any OEM accessories for your pickup truck.

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